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30 November 2016

Well..the dreaded moment has finally arrived.  I have to say goodbye to my birthland of Cartavio tomorrow.  I am definitely so so sad because i love everyone here and it will be so hard to say goodbye.  But i will be getting transfered to the middle of Trujillo to the zona Central! my area is called vista alegre, and i will be serving there as a district leader! So that should be fun.  I will be in a trio with an elder from Utah named elder smith and an elder from peru named elder parillo.  Itll be awesome! And i am going to be a grandpa! Elder Nuñez (my son) is going to train this transfer! and he will also be serving as district leader here in cartavio.  Im so proud of him and he will do great!

This week we had Tresys baptism and it was so special.  one thing that really stood out to me is how she can be an example for her family even though she is ten years old.  I think a lot of times we underestimate the power of a good example, but i have seen her entire family become stronger just because of her decision to get baptized. It was awesome!

Also this week we had a training with Elder Uceda, one of the area seventies.  It was so good! and he talked about the impact that one person can have.  He talked about how when we save one soul, we really are impacting thousands. Because they will have children that will serve missions and help others who will have children who will do the same, and after not too long thousands of lives are helped by that one person that we have impacted.  It really helped me this week to focus on every moment and every person, because we never know how big of an impact we may have.  Also we have such a great responsibility each one of us to make good decisions and choices so that our future generations can have the blessings that we all have.

My spiritual thought for this week was about treisys baptism.  When we were ready for the baptism, she was really nervous.  And the water was FREEZING.  so she didnt want to get in.  She sat there for about 5 minutes saying she didnt think she could do it.  And so i looked at her, I asked her if she wanted to, and when she said yes i just picked her up and put her in the middle of the font.  Then we baptized her and she was all happy and it was great :) And it just got me thinking that sometimes we know what we want, but we are just a little too scared to enter the cold water.  Sometimes we need a push from someone else.  And sometimes we need to be the person to give that push.  So this week, i want you to all pick someone up and put them in the font! like not literally, but help someone who is struggling and needs the gospel in their life to be able to find it.  I promise that with your help, they will be able to receive the blessings that they need.

Well.. this will be my last time writing in Cartavio.  Definitely a bittersweet experience but i am so grateful for all my time here.  Looking forward to this week in Trujillo and to be able to tell you all about my new area next week.  Have a great week!

Love you all.

Elder Drescher
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12 December 2015

Hey yall!  This week was a killer one down here in Trujillo! I love my area here in Vista Alegre and it is super awesome.

First off to clarify things.. I was in a trujillo for 1 day. But one of my companions had some personal difficulties and so he went home for a couple months and he should be back here after 2 changes.  So i am now here with Elder Smith and we are doing so great :) THis week we have mainly just been working on getting to know all the members and investigators and it has been awesome.

We have a couple really cool people that we are working with.  ONe of them is named Manolo.  He is 24 and is an investigator.  He has really good desires and is super smart.  He came to church for the 4th time yesterday and he said he has a really big desire to be baptized, but he doesnt feel like hes gotten an answer if the church is true or not yet.  SO he is going to keep praying and we trust that he will get an answer, and then he will be able to be baptized.  :) We are also focusing really hard on trying to find new people to teach.  We have been using the new videos released by the church and they are awesome.  Go to to check them out :)

Also this week as district leader I got to do 3 baptismal interviews! It was pretty dang scary but it was a great experience.  It was cool to see that each person had a different past and knowledge but they all had been so changed by the gospel. And the spirit was just so strong in the interviews confirming to me that they were ready to take that step.  In one of the interviews, the hermana that I was interviewing confessed to me some things that she had done over 30 years ago that she just felt so guilty for.  And it was so cool to be able to promise her that she could receive forgiveness for these things and that Christ would take her burden from her.

One thing that I have thought a lot about this week is Jacob 5:72.  Here it talks about the servants of the vineyard working with the lord of the vineyard.  WE are all a part of the lords vineyard, and we all have our own responsability to complete.  And  the question is... are we working with the Lord of the vineyard or against him? I think that no matter what we are pursuing in life, we should always be doing it in a way that the lord will be supporting us, and the way that we do that is by Keeping his commandments.  I promise that as we keep the commandments and as we labor, the lord of the vineyard will always be by our side helping us.

Hope you all have such a great week.  I love you!

Elder Drescher

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14 December 2014 

Hey yall! Hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas season and that things are going great for you.  I am loving all the pictures of the snow back at home... unfortunately here snow does not exist.  But we still find ways to have lots of christmas spirit nonetheless.

This week has been a really good week where we have worked super hard every single day and we have had some really cool experiences.  ONe of the coolest experiences for me happened on tuesday. We taught Angel and Marisol, two members of our ward that are deaf.  yes... DEAF.  They cannot hear.  And they also cant really talk.  So we just basically played charades for 45 minutes when we teach them.  I am trying really hard to learn sign language but it is hard... But even though it is hard to communicate the spirit is so strong in the lessons we have with them it is so awesome.  I loved teaching them.  And watching them pray in sign language is the coolest thing.  But it just really hit me this week that the spirit isnt about words or anything like that.. its just about your feelings and your faith.  And they both have a ton of faith and we could definitely feeel the spirit with them.

Also we had a kinda masomenos lesson with an investigator named Orlando this week.  He was really close to being baptized before i got here, and this past week he told us that he knows the church is true he just doesnt think it is the right time in his life for him to be baptized.  It was kind of really sad for us... But we learned a lot about agency. And we are just going to try to support him and help him and be his friends and then when he feels that it is right then we will be there to help him be baptized.

Also we are just really trying to focus on finding new people this week.  We have been focusing a lot on the savior and christmas and the "ha nacido el salvador" videos and we have beeen having success.  Hopefully it will continue andw e will be able to find people who are ready to receive the gospel.

My spiritual thought for this week is about leadership. President Marler has his 4 qualities that make a good leader.  They are love, learn, live, and lead.  We have to first love the people and serve them.  Then we have to learn our duty and what is required of us.  Then we have to live according to our duties and complete our responsibilities.  And then we have to lead by example and help others to reach their full potential.  I have been focusing a lot on these four things this week and they have really helped me to become a better leader and to help the people in my district.  I know that they can help us in every circumstance where we are required to lead.  So just remember to love, learn, live, and lead.

Hope you all have an incredible week and i will talk to you next week.  I love you all :)

Elder Drescher
 My early Christmas Present 

 Its beginning to look like Christmas 

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