Sunday, December 6, 2015

Well, i have been a little.... a lot remiss in posting to this blog, but I will try to be better.  I will post Dallin's messages in order, I will try to include dates as well....

June 29th, 2015
Well I am officially 19 years old everyone!! I celebrated my dia de nacimiento on saturday andit was... well itwas just another day in the mission to be honest hahaha.  but it was good.

we had a cool think happen on monday.  one of our investigatorscalledand said.. elders, come to my house right now! and we said why?and she said I want to be baptized!!  it was awesome! we set her datefor the 18th ofjuly and she was doing really well and progressing... until yesterday when she bailed on us for church and pretended not to be home during our appointment.  frustratingforsure. but we will keep working at it with her.

we had stake conference this past weekend and it was so good.  i wantto shareone of the storiesthat was in peru there were two missionaries who werent having any success. so one day they decided to just pick a road and walk down it and talk to everyone.  they werewalking when suddenly they heard a little girl callingto them.  Elders, she said, come here! she said she wantedthem to come the next day to teach herfamily at 4 oclock.  of course they did.  when they showed up, her dad answeredthe door. they explained that they were the missionaries and that his daughter wanted them to come teach.  he gave them a weird look and invited them in.  he then toldthem to explain it to his wife.  after they did, his wife said that they lived there by themselves. the elders then gave them the name of the girl, and said that she was thereyesterday.  the wife asked howthey knew the name.  then one ofthe elders noticed a family foto, and said,its the nameof thatgirl inthe picture!  the parents both started to cry.  their daughter had died over a year ago.  they were baptized withinthe nextmonth.

man that story gives me chills every time i hearit or read it.  its so awesome! i know that miracles happen with missionary workand this work is so true.  im so stokedtaht i have the opportunity to sharethisamazing gospel with everyone, with people that arewaiting to hear it from me.

                                     Dallin's Pensionista helped him Celebrate his birthday 

July 6th, 2015
Hey yall!  Hope things are going well wherever you are!
So you all are aware... a big change was made this past week.  i have  changed missions....   hahaha jk im in the same place but now i am in mission peru trujillo norte! we had the split of the mission on july 1.
This past week was a great one here in Cartavio with a lot of success!
Lets see... First off to report on Hermana Soledad our investigator with a baptismal date.  well... we still have been unable to get a hold of her.  so we will probably end up droppng her this week. sad.  but we have another investigator named Juan MIguel who is 18 and is awesome! and he has commited to be baptized on the 25th of this month! He is progressing super well and already has a strong testimony! he has taken the missionary discussions before, and his family is members, but he has never had the desire to be baptized before.  We are working super hard with him and are hopeful to have him  ready by that date.
Also this week we found 12 nuevo investigatrs! This number is pretty much insane! WE worked super hard to find new people and the lord blessed us for our hard work.  WE are super excited about all of our nuevos.

One thing i watned to share... im sure most of you are aware taht this past week Elder Boyd K. Packer, Pres of the quorom of the twelve apostles passed away.  it is sad, but also happy to, because we have the knowledge of the plan of salvaton and know that this is not the end for elder packer.  i took the time yesterday to read both his and elder parrys talks from this past conference. i find it interesting that they both chose to talk on families.  Elder packer even eluded to the fact that it could very well be his last conference addresss.  This just testifies to me of the importance of families and how hard they are being attacked right now.  I would encourage you all to go read both of these talks, and to do everything yuo can to strenthen yuor families!

Also i want to share a personal experience i had this week.
ON monday i woke up feelng really sick. I was all sore and achy and wanted to puke.  but i just kinda toughed it out and took some ibuprofen and went throughout the day.  the next day, however, they talked to us in district meeting and said that if you had any mosquito bites(which i did) and were feeling these symptoms that you probbaly had a sickness that has been going around through the mosquitos.  it was nothing too serious, but they just put me on some medications for it.  Anyways, tuesdya afternoon i was miserable.  There was a moment where i thought i wsa going to pass out.  but i didnt want to go back to the room.  so i just said a prayer.  and i said heavenly father i know that yuo can heal me.  and all i ask is that you give me enough strength to do your work today.  and the second i did that my mind cleared up and i started to feel a little bitter.  i wasnt perfect, but i was well enough to continue proselyting.

ive used this experience to help me every time i have a trial out here.  i dont pray for the trial to be taken away, but to have the strength to bear it so i can do the lords wwork.  i know as we do this that he will help us.  i promise that he hears and answers our prayers, as i have learned thruough my own experience.

                                   The Chapel in Cartavio where they meet

                          First Companion, when he originally went to the CCM (MTC) in Lima
                                               Elder Stephens from Texas 

July 13, 2015 
Things are going so great down here in Peru!!

This week we were finally able to make contact again with Hermana Soledad.  How?  MEMBERS!!! Seriously every one of you should make the effort to help the missionaries in your ward.  Because she would not let us in her house no matter how many times we knocked on her door.  but the second a member went to visit her we had an appointment for the next day.  It was amazing!!!  We met with her twice this week and she came to churhc all on her own yeterday and was so happy and is going to be baptized on August 8!  Seriously member missionary work is where the miracles come from.

Also we got Juan MIguel to come to church yesterday so he is still on track to be baptized on the 25th! it was actually a miracle we got him to churhc.  We showed up at his house yesterday atg 8:15 and his whole family was asleep.  This is usual.  And usually we just turn on the lights and yell a little and they get up.  BUt the power was out.  So what did we do? We decided to sing some hymns.  YOu know the line in have i done any good in the world that says "wake up and do something more than dream of your mansion above"? well we took it literally! and we sang and sang and sang in the dark until they were all awake and in the church haha.  it was pretty comical.  but they got there and thats what is improtant.

Also.... I have to give a quick public shoutout because two of the most incredible and most important people in my life have birthdays this week.  First... the greatest MOm in the whole world has a birthday on Wednesday.  Seriously my mom is the bestest and she continuest to do so much for me every single day.  Happy birthday mom.  As well as on Friday my best friend is turning 19! What?! She is going to be old like me hahah!  But really Joslyn Cash is probably the nicest, sweetest, best person i have ever met and she makes me a better person every day.  and she is going to be the best missionary.  Hope your day is great jos.

Now for the spiritual thought.  This week we had a zone conference which was so awesome and it was on faith.  OUr zone leaders talked about how heavenly father has made promises to every single one of us before we even came to this earth.  and he will never ever make a promise he wont keep.  SO when we have faith.. all we are doing is trusting that he is going to keep is word.  Its not a question of if he is going to do something, its a question of when.  Something I studied personally this morning was in hebrews 11 vs 17-19.  really abraham was able to go and sacrifice isaac because he had the faith that heavenly father would k,eep his promise.  and if isaac were to die, heavenly father would riase him again.  We all have received promises from our heavenly father and he will always keep those promises when we do our part.  So do our part! and trust that he will do his.  I promise he will.

                                                   The building in Cartavio where he lives
                                                 One of the parts of town to Cartavio 
July 21, 2015 

This week was an awesome one!! Sorry i was unable to email yesterday.  we got caught up in trujillo all day and so we didnt have time to email.  but I am on now haha. :)

We did have some struggles this past week with Juan MIguel.  He has basically stopped takling to us and didnt attend church this past week.  In the last lesson we had with him he told us that he has some personal issues that would keep him from being worthy to be baptized, but he doesnt feel comfortable talking about them yet.  And we havent been able to get a hold of him since.  Its really sad because we can see how much he could benefit from this gospel and we can see the blessings taht he will receive from being baptized, but he ulitmately has to choose whether or not to accept it.  It has made me think a lot about Heavenly Father and how he feels when we make mistakes and use our agency to choose not to do what is right.  I am sure he is so sad beause he wants to bless us and he wants us to be happy, but he cant force us to.  But likewise, we cant receive the blessings unless we keep the commandments and do what he has asked.

We have, however, been having so much success with Soledad, and she has progressed so much! She came to churhc all on her own on sunday and stayed for the full 3 hours and was asking questions and offered a prayer and it was just so awesome! She is gaining her own testimony and is just so much happier every time we see her.  Its incredible.

ALso yesterday we had the awesome opportunity to go as a zone to the beach here in peru! It is the beach with the longest wave in the whole world! It was so much fun.  And there should be some pics on the mission blog if yall want to look.

Bueno.. For my spiritual thought this week..  I had the opportunity to give a talk in our branch this past week and it was on prayer.  and one thing that stood out to me a ton was something in the bible dictionary.  it says that the object of prayer isnt to change the will of god, but to receive blessings that he is already willing to give us but that we hvae to ask for.  Its important to remember this for two reasons.  First, because we need to pray to receive these blessings.  Lots of times people expect God to bless thim, but they dont pray to ask for the blessings.  We have to ask in order to receive.  Second, we always have to remember Gods will.  We dont approach him in prayer to tell him what to do, we approach him to seek guidance and to seek to align our own will with his. 
Preparing this talk definitely helped me strenghten my  manner of prayer and i learened so much!

                                             In his apartment with the Peruvian Flag
                                           Monday is his "P" (prepartation day) and he got 
                                            to go to the beach near Trujillo for the day
July 31, 2015

Sorry abnout the whole not writing on monday thing... again.  our p day got changed to today because we got to go to THE MOST GORGEOUS TEMPLE IN THE WHOLE WORLD.  It was pretty awesome.  The temple is great.

But anyways... heres what happened this week.

First, we had cambios! and since i am still training nothing has really changed... except that Elder Arenas was called as district leader! Which is awesome and he is already doing so good.  BUt it means a lot more responsibilty and stuff to do for the both of us haha.

Lets see, as far as investigators go...

Soledad has her baptism next saturday! SHe is doing so good! We are going to wrap up the lessons with her tomorrow and then we should be home free. As always though, the adversary is going to be working so hard to get her off the path so if yall wouldnt mind shooting a prayer or two out for her it would be greatly appreciated.  We are so excited for her and she really is doing so awesome.

Also, we have two other investigators commited to baptismal dates! The first is leodan.  he is 10 and his mama is menos activa.  he is so awesome and is so smart and just loves learning about the gospel.  We really dont see any problems with him, but we are going to have to work hard to get his mom to come to church every week so that he can come too.  Also we have our main man Alexis! He is 18 and we finished teaching him the lessons about a month ago, but he has tests for university on sundays so he hasnt been able to attend churhc.  BUt this week his tests ended so he can now! He is so awesome.  THe other day he asked us about the process of going on a mission because he wants to help other people like we have helped him.  It was so incredible.  Both Leodan and Alexis should be baptized this month.

Lets see... Spiritual thought.  My spiritual thought this week comes from 1 Nephi 2:4.  It talks about how when Lehi and his family left jerusalem they left everything they had.  all their gold, silver, everything.  they left it all because they had been commanded to.  And really its kinda similar to the mission.  And it made me think about my life before the mission.  And i realized i lived a pretty worldly life.  I was always worried about the next phone i would get or car i would drive or clothes i would wear or how many likes i would get on instagram.  But I left all that to come on the mission.  And now that im here... and ive been without it... i realize tat i dont want any of that anymore.  Because even though I dont have all that stuff, there has never been a time in my life where i have been happier.  Because I have something better... I have this gospel.  I have a relationship with my heavenly father.  I have his spirit with me in every moment.  And nothing in the world could every buy or give me the joyt that i have here in the mission.

Really its something to think about.  ITs not a bad thing to have worldly things... but we need to remember that worldly things will never give us what the things of god can give us.  We always need to have him as the priority.  And when we do that, thats when we will find true joy in our lives.

                                                          Coming into Cartavio
                                                In front of the Peru Trujillo Temple

August 3, 2015

Honestly i sat here for a good 30 seconds and couldnt think of a subject... so sorry about that.  But this week(end) was a good one :)  There isnt a ton to write about since its only been a couple days, but they were good ones. :)

Well the sad part is that our baptism for saturday fell through.  Hermana Soledad got sick on Saturday night and so she decided to not come to church yesterday.  Its really unfortunate... but we are going to try and get a new date set for the 15th tonight.  If you all could keep her in your prayers please... she really needs it because she is so close and we dont want her to miss out on this opportunity.  A bright side though was that both Leodan and Alexis came to church yesterday.  Which means that Leodan is practically ready for his baptism, and Alexis just needs  to keep coming to church.  So overall it was a happy day.  Its the best feeling in the world when you see an investigator walk into the capilla.

Well as far as spiritual thoughts go... I have two this week.  I had the opportunity to teach gospel principles this week on eternal marriage.  And obviously i dont have a ton of experience on that topic.. but as i was preparing it just hit me how great of a blessing it is.  because really if i couldnt have an eternal marriage, i dont think i would ever want to get married.  i would hate the feeling knowing that eventually i would be separated from my wife and family, and that that separation could happen in any moment.  but we have the opportunity and the blessing of having the security of an eternal marriage and it is so awesome.

Also i studied a lot in Alma 32 this past week.  And the one thing that hit me is that in order to have a testimony of the gospel, we dont need to have a perfect knowledge.  I like to think of a testimony as one of three stages.  1. we want to believe it is true 2. we believe it is true 3.  we know it is true.  We all have to pass through each of these stages at some point.  we just have to keep progressing, and eventually we will get to the point where we have that knowledge.  Its important to remember this so we dont get discouraged if we dont quite have that perfect knowledge.  just keep nurturing your seed and it will grow.
The Peru Trujillo Temple  
   Neighbor children of an investigator.

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