Sunday, December 6, 2015

More updates from Peru

August 17th, 2015
THis week was so so great! it has been a week full of faith and miracles and just awesomeness!

Lets see.. to start off we have our amigo Alexis! Man he is so awesome.  Always willing to come to church, to read his scriptures, to come to family home evenings, he is just golden! He is officially finsihed witht hte lessons so now we are just keeping preparing for his baptism on the 29!!

Also we have Leodan who will be baptized on THIS SATURDAY!!! He is so awesome.  We were having some worries about him on saturday because his mom is still less active and they had kinda lsot a little bit of motivation.. so yesterday we sent a member out to go pick them up for church, and when he got there they had already left and wlaked to church! (they live about 2 miles away).  It was incredible to see their motivation!  And then we saw the true miracle of this situation.  At church, Rosa (his mom) started having really bad pain in her stomach.  They took her to the hospital and found out she has some sort of infection.  When she came back to the church, we gave her a blessing and sent her home.  She was in pretty bad shape.  And then we visited her a couple of hours later... she was perfectly fine! and she told us that she didnt feel any pain anymore.  And she said that when my companion wass anointing her with oil, she was looking at me... and she knew she was looking at me but all she could see was an angel telling her that everything would be okay and that god would dry her tears.  And then after the blessing she didnt feel any pain.  She said that when she walked to church, she feel down 2 or 3 times because of pain but she knew she had to be there.  And she was healed through her faithfulness :) It was so powerful.  Truly was a miracle and I am grateful that I had to opportunity to witness and take part in it.

This was just one of the miracles we saw yesterday... and i would tell more but i dont have time haha.  But i jsut want to testify that the lord has his hand in this work and that we will alwaays be blessed through our obedience and faithfulness.

Alright so spiritual thought for this week... yesterday I gave a talk on missionary work and how we need to work together as members and missionaries.  It really is so true that we as missionaries are nothing withuot the support of the members.  You guys make all the difference! And you dont need anything special to help with the work, you just have to have the desire.  D&C 4 says that any that have desires to serve god are called to the work.  And you should all have the desire to serve god because i know that you all love him.  And as Jesus taught peter in John 21.. if we love him we need to Feed his sheep.  Imagine how it would feel to be better, and the savior asking us if we love him.  How would we respond? I know that I love my savior as Peter did, that I truly love him more than anything.  And he has asked each one of us to help with the work.  so I have a challenge for yall that i gave to our rama yesterday! I want you all to pray for one name that you could give to the missionaries, and give them the reference before conference in october.  I promise that you will be lead to someone who is waiting for the truth, and will experience the joy we are promied in d&C 18 as bring them home to the savior.

 "P" day with his District 
Service for one of the investigators 

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