Monday, June 22, 2015

Dallin has sent his first email, officially, from his first assigned area. He has been doing pretty well overall. See below:

hola! que tal?
i am here in the city of cartavio, zone of casa grande, in peru! im about an hour and a half north of trujillo.  and i am loving it! my trainer is elder arenas.  he is originally from colombia but his family lives in spain now.  he is awesome! he has been here for 5 months.  he doesnt speak any english at all haha so sometimes its hard to understand each other but we get alonag agreat.  aahe loves to play soccer and work hard and hes just great.

cartavio is a nice little pueblo centered around a sugar cane factory.  its pretty chill.  there are parts that are modern and nice, like where we live.  then there are parts that have dirt roads and no electricity haha.  its definitely different here than in the states.  but its awesome.  and the people are so great.. they are all s kind and giving.  none of them can say my name though haha.  and when they find out its german they always make some hitler reference that i have yet to find funny but they think its hilarious.  overall, i love my area.  it was definitely a big change at first but ive loved it more every day.

we had a really cool oppaoartunity on my second day here to participate in the baptism of a kid in our rama! his name is juan david.  his family are members so we didnt teach him, but we were witnesses for the baptism and elder arenas confirmed him a member of the churhc.  it was a cool experience!

we have a couple really promising investigators, and almost everyone we talk to is willing to listen... its ujst hard to get people to act on what we teach.  they dont like to come to church or follow up with commitments.  but this week we have stake conference in casa grande so we are trying to get as many investigators as possible to come to show that we have the potential to become a ward!

yesterday we got to go to the temple dedication which was awesome!! it was so powerful.  pres uchdtorf and elder bednar were here and the messages were so awesome!  on  saturday they had the culteral celebration and the spirit there was so powerful.  everyone was so excited to finally be able to go to the temple.  i think sometimes in utah we take temples fro granted.  but really they are such a blessing.  they will bless our lives so much if we go to the temple.  so this week thats my invitation to you all.  get to the temple.  even if you can do nothing more than just go walk around the grounds for a little bit.  i promise that it will bless your life. the temple is the house of the lord and there we can feel the spirit more than anywhere else.  and we will be so blessed if we make the effort to get to the temple.  so do it! give god the opportunity to bless you.

know that i love you all so much. thanks for all the letters and support.  keep up the good work at home and i will talk to you next week!


elder Drescher

Baptism of Juan David... Dallin and his companion Elder Arenas were the witnesses for this member baptism. 

Dallin and his companion Elder Arenas

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